The Energy Point Hub:

Talking Energy Show

Donna joins Matthew Hill, Scott Garrison, and Jeremiah Smith and Talking Energy Show to talk about modern energy management. They covered everything from the first oil and gas lease through potential bitcoin royalty payments!

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Digital Oil and Gas - Interview

Donna joins Geoffrey Cann for a great conversation regarding the use of technology, kan ban, agile methods and modern land management.

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State of the Industry

How is your land team responding to meet internal land management demands? Join Quorum Sr. Manager Rachelle Sutherland and Energy Point Consulting, LLC founder, Donna King for the state of the industry and tips for modern land departments to succeed.

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Fossil Fuel Fridays

Energy Point Consulting, LLC share their dynamic service and assest management company focused on leveraging technology with industry experience to deliver value to their clients.

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ATX-ALTA and Quorum

Hear from Donna King, founder of Energy Point Consulting, LLC, as she shares the technology roadmap to reduce manual workloads, accomplish tasks faster, and increase accuracy through common industry.

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