The Value Proposition

Energy Point offers a wide selection of technology implementation and land data management services

tailored to the Energy industry's land acquisition and data management needs for scalability,

forecasting and reporting.

Energy Point is ‘software agnostic’ and leverages our land and data management expertise to prescribe

technology and process solutions that best fit our clients’ needs, goals, and budgets. All the while

keeping in mind the bigger data structure, integrations, and our clients’ time and resources. We

successfully implement solutions for the following:

o Payment Forecasting

o Contract Selection, Drafting and Authorization processes for land acquisition

o Key data term capture and organization

o Workflow automation

o Streamline processes for Land Acquisition

This application of experience, skill and relationships with software vendors allows our clients to cut

through the daunting task of interviewing multiple software solutions and trying to determine from an

hour’s demonstration the best software solution for their company.

The Approach

We take pride in simplifying the process, focusing on what is important to our clients and making

recommendations in line with business needs. Our team examines applicable solutions through software,

data risk assessment and process improvement. Once complete, we work with our client to prioritize and

implement the selected solution(s).

Our team adapts to best practices for solution implementation(s) to ensure team adoption, data integrity,

and value.