About Us

Energy Point Team

The Energy Point team is made up of skilled professionals with industry experience in the following fields:

  • Land E&P

  • Land Administration,

  • AP, JIB, Revenue Accounting

  • Well Head Gas Balancing

  • Revenue Recovery

  • Asset Management

Extensive experience with major E&P ERP systems such as:

  • Quorum, P2 Bolo, Landdox, W Energy

  • ERP Implementations and Integrations

  • Data Management and Reporting (PowerBi)

  • Best practice solutions

Donna King


Donna King founded Energy Point to serve a niche in the market, leveraging industry skills and a deliverable focused business model to offer value through high quality services, data management, and creative services solutions for her clients.

Donna most recently managed Flywheel Energy’s Land, Revenue, and Foundational Initiatives teams to deliver high performance throughput, value and streamlined processes. Donna started her career at Chesapeake Energy and then owned and managed a Land Services brokerage for 4 years before joining the Flywheel team.